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Educate and Empower Women and Girls

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Educate and Empower Women and Girls

Educating women and girls lifts households, communities and nations out of poverty.

However, in Rwanda, when a family has limited funds to pay school fees, the boys go to school and the girls stay home.

Hands of Mothers is launching two new education initiatives to address the increasing lack of access to education among women and girls living with HIV:

  • A women's literacy/numeracy education program. This is a necessary first step in our entrepreneurship training and cooperative development programs.
  • A school fees program to enable girls to attend school. School in Rwanda is not free and when forced to choose, boys are generally selected to attend rather than girls.

The success of these initiatives depend upon your generosity! Please consider a donation on behalf of a Rwandan mother struggling to support her family or to a daughter dreaming of a better future.

Thank you!