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Educate and Empower Children and Women in Rwanda

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Did you know a $20 solar-powered radio is the only thing standing between Fridaus and her education?

With schools in Rwanda closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hands of Mothers is currently providing solar-powered radios to at-risk children, so they can tune in and access the Ministry of Education’s daily lesson broadcasts.

Schools have been closed in Rwanda since March and will not reopen until September, at the earliest. This 5-month lapse in education is a huge blow, especially for vulnerable families as children in Rwanda go to school year-round. In an effort to fill the void, the Ministry of Education has been broadcasting lessons on TV and radio. Unfortunately, most of the 156 children in our school fees program don’t have access to any technology and many do not have electricity.

Hands of Mothers has launched a solar radio distribution program to alleviate this problem. In the absence of electricity, these radios will even charge cell phones. Your gift of $20 will fund a solar-powered radio so that children can continue their education and families can stay connected to the world. Our fundraising goal is $1,760 so that all 88 families in our school fees program – 156 children – will receive a radio. Can you help children like Fridaus and Peace?

Thank you for your support!